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Roofs are one of the most important part of any infrastructure covering the top of the building and works as a shelter for any building  from rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

But with time as all the things get older and become problematic. Same like that there are certain problems with the roofs which are stated below:

  1. Leakage
  2. Poor Installation
  3. Broken Gutters
  4. Blistering
  5. Moss

So, these are few of the most common problems faced by roofs. Now we will see how can we deal with these problems and can restore our roofs to newer ones with all the new bright colours and styles.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a very vast topic having different aspects. There are different steps involved in roof restoration depending on the type of roof you have. Roof restoration is not an easy job and requires the expertise and special skills of a roofing professional to restore a roof like a newer one.

Metal roof restoration

Metal roof restoration is usually about sealing leaks or replacing your metal sheet roofing. Leakages in metal roofs are often developed at the seams or at the roofing joint of flashing or guttering. To get these leakage and patches fixed and sealed you will be needing a metal sheet made up of same material and colour, which is fixed on the top of the leakage place with screws or drill to prevent further leakage of water.

Roof tile restoration

Roof tiles may get cracked or become damaged by severe weather conditions or falling tree branches. In roof tile restoration replacing and re-aligning individual roof tiles is performed. By replacing faulty roof tiles you will avoid serious structural damage to your house and costly repairs, just only the faulty ones are replaced by the newer ones. From there, repairs such as repointing the ridge edges and replacing defected, damaged or cracked tiles, followed by an anti-fungicide and sealer can really restore your roof to a newer one.



Fascia Replacement

The main function of fascia is to perform protection of the lower edges of a roof. Typically, a roof’s fascia is made up of solid wooden boards. As the fascia is the first layer of protection against all the elements and harsh weather, this part of your roof can often be damaged by water. If your fascia has begun to rot, mold, or warp, and is breaking part. So, get to know that time has arrived for you to hire a team of roof repair experts to replace this damaged fascia.

Shingle Replacement

Roof’s shingles are another component that may get damaged from excessive wear and tear and harsh conditions. In addition to the tremendous style which is provided by the shingles they perform another very important task of protecting your structure from exposure to harsh weather conditions and ultra violet lights. These are one of the components which get damaged and broke part. While in some of the cases these shingles go missing due to high winds or some other reasons. So if you want to restore your roofs you need to get them replaced and fixed by the experts. This will give a new life to your building’s roof.



Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are the component which are used as a protection for your roof from water which comes due to heavy rainfall and saves your roof from any kind of damage. Gutter cleaning is one of the most essential steps towards roof restoration.

Throughout the season of the fall and winter, falling leaves and debris can get the gutter system clogged up. If your gutters are clogged or broken you must need to get them fixed as soon as possible, hence it will result in getting your roof restored and perfect.

These are some of the restoration techniques for a roof, now let’s discuss some benefits of roof restoration.

Benefits of a Roof Restoration

As if you go for roof restoration and restore your roof, there are certain benefits that you will get because of roof restoration.

Prevent future damage and leaks

You will have a peace of mind that you have a proper protection for your building which will save you from any kind of harsh weather conditions. A roof restoration is the greatest way to make sure that every inch of your roof is in top notch condition. The roof will be covered with a protective seal which is going to prevent damage and leaks for years and years.

Improve’s house Temperature

If your house roof is damaged and is not properly sealed so you would need more air conditioner turned as the cold air would be escaping from the roof, while same will be the case in winters when your heat from the heaters will be escaping.

So if you get your old roofs restored and sealed, the air would not escape from the roof and your temperature would be maintained.

Reduce electricity bills

As the temperature would be maintained and there would be less need of electrical appliances for the maintenance of the temperature. As the usage of electrical appliances would be reduced it would benefit you in the form of low electricity bills.



As once your roof is restored completely now you need something to give it a fresher and a newer look. So the best way is to paint your roof with some good quality paints which would make them look like new.

Roof painting is one of the most underrated but one of the most important paint  jobs. Most of the people never pay much attention to roof painting as they feel it is on the top of house which is not that important. But with time and harsh weather conditions these roofs begin to get damaged and broken. Roofs with no proper painting and maintenance are exposed to growth of algae or lichen, the growth of different plants in roof lead to cracks and Leakages in the roof.

Benefits of Roof Painting

There are many long term benefits of roof painting. A dark color of paint is used if you want to keep the temperature hot as dark colors absorb heat from sunlight while if you need cold temperature you should use light colors which will reflect back the sunlight. Especially in the summer season, you can avoid heat in the house by using good quality weather resistant paints. Also there are paints which have such chemical composition which does not allow plants to grow into the roofs. By the help of these paints your structure will be more rigid providing you a more strong protection. These paints will not only add to the beauty of the house but will also increase the value of the house.

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